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Growth Stocks

I hold a portfolio of growth stocks within my Canadian equity allocation. The goal of this portfolio is to outperform XIC, the TSX Composite Index ETF. I target growth and momentum stocks with low dividends.

There are several motivations for this portfolio. I'm hoping to outperform the TSX index, and I want low dividends so that the return comes entirely from capital gains. In a non-registered account, low dividend stocks are more tax efficient.

These are not stock recommendations; I'm just sharing my stock portfolio. I'm not convinced that picking individual stocks is worthwhile, but I will run this portfolio for a few years and evaluate its performance.


Performance of Growth Portfolio

This is the 4 year anniversary of my Growth portfolio, and I'm going to review the performance of my stock picks versus the benchmark... #growth


Growth Portfolio Annual Update

My Growth portfolio outperformed the TSX in this time period. Several holdings no longer meet my screening criteria and have been replaced... #growth


Growth Portfolio 6 Month Update

My Growth portfolio slightly outperformed the TSX in this time period. Performance has been strong since inception 3 years ago... #growth


Growth Portfolio 6 Month Update

My growth portfolio outperformed the TSX by several percent in this time period, continuing to show strong performance since inception... #growth