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Date Signal
2015-01-19 Buy
2015-06-04 Sell
2016-03-14 Buy
2016-10-31 Sell
2017-01-05 Buy
2018-02-14 Sell
2018-06-12 Buy
2018-09-10 Sell
2019-01-31 Buy
2019-08-21 Sell
2019-09-06 Buy
2020-03-09 Sell
2020-06-08 Buy


Scaling down my market timing

Although my BullSignals market timing has given reasonable results for a few years, I've decided to scale down... #bullsignals


Buy Signal

My market timing algorithm gave a buy signal today, September 6. After two weeks in cash, this resumes a long position in stocks. #bullsignals


Sell Signal

My market timing algorithm gave a sell signal today, August 21. This gives a +6.4% total return in XIU and +9.4% total return in SPY.... #bullsignals


BullSignals Basics

My algorithm evaluates stock market strength and tries to detect periods of high risk... #bullsignals


Timing the market is probably a bad idea

I'm aware that it's generally a bad idea to try "market timing". Trading in and out of the market usually gives worse performance... #bullsignals